blood being testetWhat is Hypogonadism and how is it manifested?

Hypogonadism in that condition where a man’s testosterone is lower than the expected level for his age. There are several reasons for Hypogonadism some of which are listed here. As men age, their testicles produce less testosterone due to natural reasons. Other reasons for hypogonadism could be due to a pituitary gland dysfunction which can be diagnosed with a blood test. Occasionally medications are given to patients with prostate cancer which purposefully decreases the amount of testosterone body.

This decrease in the level of testosterone generally causes decreased muscle mass as well as decreased libido (sexual desire) and energy. Because testosterone is also involved in the libido, some men report decrease in their level and quality of erections.

How is hypogonadism diagnosed?

The diagnosis of hypogonadism is confirmed with a blood test or testosterone.

How is hypogonadism treated?

Hypogonadism is treated with testosterone supplements which can be administered with a gel or a transdermal patch (which is a small and discrete patch worn over the body), or with weekly intramuscular injections. Most men preferred approach to means of delivery due to ease and lack of need for an injection. Oral supplementation or testosterone is not as effective.

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