What is cystoscopy?

Cystoscopy is a urological procedure by which a urologist introduces a small tube containing a camera light source into the bladder in order to investigate the bladder. Most common form of cystoscopy in the office setting is with the use of a flexible cystoscope, which is more comfortable for the patient. Cystoscopy is done for several reasons including work up of hematuria (blood in urine), for male or female urinary issues and to remove a ureteral stent. Cystoscopy is also a critical component of monitoring a patient who has had bladder cancer and for surveillance of bladder cancer.

What are risks of cystoscopy?

Cystoscopy may cause some pain, bleeding in the urine, and mild urinary burning. In rare cases cystoscopy may cause an infection. Drinking a large amount of water and a prophylactic course of antibiotics may be considered by your urologist.

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